I hope you manage to resolve it :), Thanks, will try to make changes, it happened today again haha but they are. This…, I had a dream in that dream i saw red oil in a bottle and a little in white nylon,…. Are you happy with what is happening? I stayed at a campground on the shores of Lake Erie, which had a stone shower & dressing room, open to the sky above. I am located in Guernsey in the Channel Islands where the mild climate seems to make the island a perfect haven for all sorts of wildlife, including wasps and bees. I was never able to let go of the sting his death left me. It’s a process, but remember you’re smarter than they are, bigger than they are, and can stay awake longer. In some cultures, the wasp meaning is a symbol of control over your life circumstances. I would appreciate further insight if I am reading these signs wrong and would love some feedback. Learn skills for survival online and prepare yourself Spiritually…..You are well on that path. Animals have always been drawn to me as I have always been drawn to them. And you ARE worthy of something good and satisfying, so, there you go. All other bugs I leave in the house of safely place them outside. in my mental process of trying to figure out career paths, the desire to persue a career in medicine has come back in my mind. One of the balls fell off during a big storm and all that was left hanging was the little metal cap and surprise, surprise! Can't sting you if it's avoiding being smacked by a limb 10000x its size. God help us! Yellow and black colors on an insect is not a good combo, but the honeybees are ok with me, just as long as they don't attack... And yes, while wasps have their uses, they seem to be menaces towards the human race, and there are reasons why they are seen as such. When the wasp spirit animal comes flying into your life, you are being reminded that wishing and dreaming about your desires will not make them come true. also ever since whenever im around bees i freze, hold my breath, close my eyes and put my arms by my side and none has ever stung me since exept for when i stepped on one. It can be a long path and one if the most difficult things is our expectations of ourselves, often related to our families’ and friends and communities’ values: Yet the plan of Creation is unique. Also, the night before the dream a motion sensor light went off in the other room with noone being there. The dreams you do not write to the most relevant page will get automatically deleted by the system. Is there a meaning if it’s dead? That stinger looked a dagger. well he attacked me. You should express yourself more clearly. Why would you assume a wasp would 'pollute your drink or your food'? I caught the smaller one last night and put it outside, and showed the large one to the patio door today. Hundreds, if not thousands of dead wasps on the floor. You need to accept the fact that with good comes the bad, with birth comes death, and with pain comes healing. If they don't receive aggression from you they are far more likely to leave you alone. I especially understand the mosquito thing, as they seem to target me too. It tickled, and to make matters worse, it crawled about me for a good 4 minutes. I have personally reinvented myself in the midst of everyone doubting my abilities and drive to get over my worst habits. Every spring there are bees that swarm this corner on my mothers roof. Even though these ones were being peaceful. Your dedication to responding is admirable, and in turn, has made me feel compelled to say so. I watched thru the glass door for a chance to get my poor dogs out but these hornets kept body slamming themselves into the glass at my face level. You’re one of the good people on this planet if by sensing from your words about wasp interactions. Being a huge ( up to 2 inch) wasp, they are victimised by people even more so, yet are not aggressive unless provoked, in which case they can both sting and bite. Many of the traits attributed to the wasp resonate with me very much. Their home was removed and abruptly, without asking them to find a new home as you removed them. Remember, contrary to bees a sting is not suicide to a wasp, it can sting up to 5 times. Tai Chi is amazing for the soul and mind. I would leave them alone if they really did only sting in genuine self-defence, but they don't, they sting because they have a brain the size of a pinhead and act purely on instinct. There would be no imbalance in the food chain. It’s a wake-up call to do what’s best for you and to focus on what will bring you closer to spiritual enlightenment. I never try to hurt them either. I have made decisions in the past based solely on $$. It’s been only a handful of times I’ve had a nightmare, more so having been woken becuz of one. So passive means a likely … This is why the sting will continue to inject venom after the bee has gone. The one thing they all have in common is how calm they are. I have left a sacrificial nectarine to draw their fire and I’ve dabbed eucalyptus on my brolly/parasol and on my clothes as I hear they don’t like the smell.

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