In heavily forested locations, try and find an exposed clearing in the trees. Report snow depth to the nearest whole inch, rounding up when one-half inch increments are reached (example 0.4 inches gets reported as a trace (T), 3.5 inches gets reported as 4 inches). This measurement is taken once-a-day at your specified time of observation. Frequently, in hilly or mountainous terrain, you will be faced with the situation where no snow is observed on south-facing slopes while snow, possibly deep, remains in shaded or north-facing areas. Sounds may seem clearer and travel farther under these circumstances. Not much. Current Conditions We got about 7.5 inches here-Detroit suburbs. Generally speaking, the stronger the wind and the drier the snow, the less is captured in the gauge. The snowplowing, grass cutting, window washing, etc. Freezing rain (glaze ice) should never be reported as snowfall. Snow is composed of frozen water crystals, but because there is so much air surrounding each of those tiny crystals in the snowpack, most of the total volume of a snow layer is made up of air. See About the Cryosphere. I can handle that with one blade behind my back,” said Big Orange. I heard from a friend in Connecticut last winter that she had no electricity several times, once a tree fell because of the snow’s weight – and the technicians couldn’t get to her place because of the snow. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Why does this matter to those of us in the Lower Peninsula? Source(s): We currently have about 5 feet of snow. Lv 7. Put your snowboard(s) out and mark their location with a flag or some other indicator so they can be found after a new snowfall. If your observation is not based on a measurement, record in your remarks that the "snow amount based on estimate". Rivers/Lakes 9, 2013 We have received five inches of new snow overnight at Breck. Aviation Northern Bucks and Upper Montgomery and Chester counties could see a few inches.” He added that the major Chester County highways like Routes 100, 202 and 30 were being treated ahead of the precipitation. My wife’s sister just told us that her son (prof in Nashville) said that it was also extremely cold there right now – one of his sons had to park his car outside and wasn’t very happy. Office Staff, Current Conditions will be between two inches and four inches by Wednesday morning. If you notice that less snow is in the gauge than accumulated on the ground, you should first empty any existing snow from inside the 8-inch cylinder, then use it to take a snow sample, sometimes referred to as "take a core" or "cut a biscuit" from your snow board with the 8-inch overflow can. Historical Tornadoes In some places, dangerous driving conditions are normal. The total accumulation is expected to be around 1 to 3 inches. Education and Outreach Clean snow, however, reflects most of the sunlight, creating a white appearance. We refer to the snow water equivalent of snow as the thickness of water that would result from melting a given layer of snow. All rights reserved (About Us). Required fields are marked *. I have some funny stories there: The total snowfall for that reporting 24-hour day is the sum of the three separate snow squalls, 6.7 inches, even though the snow depth on your board at observation time was zero. Last week we got ten feet of snow. For example, if half the exposed ground is bare and half is covered with six inches of snow, the snow depth should be entered as the average of the two readings, or three inches. Patti, two of our friends just moved from their ranch-style house to a condo for that very reason: no maintenance. According to AccuWeather there will be snow mixed with rain beginning before dawn and continuing into Tuesday evening. Of course the nearness to Niagara Falls plays a role – but I hadn’t thought that the city was so beautiful and interesting. Model Data, Hazards The roads are getting colder and four inches of snow will certainly mean some snow on the roads. Observers should determine three values when reporting solid precipitation. The ground is relatively warm because the heat stored in the ground over the summer is slow to dissipate. Many of my friends out here, not so lucky. Michelle. will look like winter by morning. It is taken by measuring the total depth of snow on exposed ground at a permanently-mounted snow stake or by taking the average of several depth readings at or near the normal point of observation with a measuring stick. My snow plowing doesn’t start until Dec 1 so I waited all day for some kids to show up. Dan, when the temps and windchills are in the single-digit (or minus!) Read their blog ... Icelights: Answers to your burning questions about ice and climate. For instance, if you were to poke a hole in the snow and look down into the hole, you may see a bluish color. Wolf, we’ve had most of the trees near our house taken down. Is 1 to 3 inches of snow something to get worked up about? National Hurricane Center By Tuesday night, Providence had picked up at least 18 inches of snow -- that's more than a foot and a half! But we can’t complain – until the end of October it was sunny and not too cold so we took care of all our plants and flowers, put those that can’t stand the cold into our spare garage and some old ones on the compost heap. Dust layers can become buried in the snowpack as new storms add clean snow on top, but these dust layers will reemerge as the top layers melt away. So maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow isn’t something to get all worked up about. Also look at Wisconsin and Minnesota. Temps are supposed to drop to about 5 degrees with a high today in the mid 20’s. This precipitation type is liquid precipitation and should be reported as such. Please try another search. What a welcome sound when facing 10 inches of snow in the driveway! Plus, the winds were really blowing. The observer sees the light coming back from the near surface layers after it has been scattered or bounced off other snow grains only a few times and it still appears white. For example, three separate snow squalls affect your station during your 24-hour reporting day, say 3.0, 2.2, and 1.5 inches. PS – The same week last year, New York was unprepared for what turned out to be a quick six inch snowfall, but we missed it completely as we were in New Orleans! Think of the ice or snow layer as a filter. Some localities got more, some a little less. my thought of winter coming earlier rather than later for Lower Michigan, La Niña is getting stronger for our winter; Updated study shows the effects. I have no NO-NO list. I hope it warms up a little for next week—we have a Special Olympics event scheduled and it will be outside. However, roads are likely to be slippery, slushy and snow covered north and west of the city for a significant part of the day. Follow the same rules for a once-a-day observation, but the snow accumulation reported will be the greatest for the previous six hours instead of 24 hours. If your daily schedule permits, you may wish to make a snowfall observation every 6-hours, beginning with your regularly scheduled time of observation. The storm rolled in late last night and it looks like … What Does Ten Feet Of Snow Look Like? Winds light and variable. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano. As the snow compresses, the ice grains rub against each other. Generally, snow and ice present us with a uniformly white appearance. Standard Radar Well, that depends on who you ask. Wow! Area roads manned by PennDOT crews are also preparing for the early winter blast of snow. PS: As the snow cover gets closer to Michigan, cold air develops over the snow cover. I may have to look into condo life. This water is rich in a form of iron that oxidizes when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, producing a bright red waterfall. Questions? What does 1-3 inches of snow look like? Note: Hail accumulation is not entered with snow and ice pellets. New snow is composed of a high percentage of air trapped among the accumulated snow crystals.

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