("LA X, Part 2"). He could have literally meant that the Devil took his soul out of his body (because the Man in Black's body is found after by Jacob). In the form of the dark brother the smoke monster was confronted with his memories of hate and it changed massively (like No-Face in Spirited Away). Christian, speaking on the behalf of Jacob, said to Locke that all minor questions he had would very soon not matter since the freighter people were already on the way back, and convinced Locke to ask the only question that really mattered. But whe he woke up on the island, he was able to walk, start anew, and be the leader and hero he's always wanted to be. It would be like someone inviting you to their home where a bunch of the other guests try to kill you, but you don't leave because you think one of them will burn the house down, and if the house is burned down the entire world will be set ablaze. Locke knew he had to die. Family ("The Brig"), Having delivered his father's body to the Others, Locke demanded to be initiated into the secrets of the island. He then started to share information about the Island with Locke, knowing that it would motivate Locke even further. Eko refuses, however, saying, "I did not ask for the life that I was given. ", John's firearm license states that his birth date is November. ("Further Instructions"). As Locke reached for the phone, Cooper pushed him out, dropping him eight stories, breaking his back, and paralyzing him from the waist down. 1970s (Mystic Falls, Age 30+) After attending the internment, the couple were visited by several gangsters Cooper had conned. Everything he did lead him to dying which helped bring everyone back to the island, then ultimately made it possible for the man in black to be killed. Originally, it was a circle but some of the grass had grown back and now resembled a question mark. Both Jacob and his enemy do appear as others. Was Christian dead? He told Jack that the light/Island doesn't need protecting. Jack first learned of John's death from a newspaper article on a flight home from Singapore. Really appreciate everyone's feedback and reasoning on this, so much to consider. Alex was buried by Richard, but even though MIB could take her form. When Richard Marsh had a stroke doctors wanted to switch off his life-support – but he could hear every word but could not tell them he was alive. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"). Richard and Mason (Older Brother/Younger Brother). he harmed and killed his brother. The show really defies the audience's expectations when it comes to Locke. He then tracked him to the Others' camp and spoke with Richard, convincing him to monitor young Locke off-island. Mother represents both parts of the protector of the Island (the jacob and MIB parts). Darlton suggested in the podcast for Across The Sea that Jacob didn't technically kill the MiB because it was indirect. Jeannie's mother blamed her own negligence for Jeannie's death, but when a Golden Retriever took up residence in Jeannie's bedroom, she believed that Jeannie's spirit had returned to say the accident had not been her fault. It's like a copy made of the psyche. If the Island is a living entity, presumably because it has a "heart", then it's logical that it would be "dead" in the afterlife, which is physically seen as being underwater. ("The Other Woman"), Locke held a meeting at his house to inform everyone of everything he knew about Ben and the crew of the Kahana. It is possible that this was the end to the conflict between good and evil on the island. Werewolf (Untriggered)Ghost (Formerly) He initially believed Ben's assertion that he was not one of the Others and called on Ben’s help when his leg was impaled by a blast door during an impromptu lockdown in the Hatch. ("The Lie") Jack later turned up to take the body, putting a pair of his father's shoes on John. They were just actors in a MIB's play. Mayor (Formerly)Member of the Town Council This probably was because he was under the influence of the full moon. If the electromagnetic forces of the Island helped to keep the Man in Black prisoner, Eko was doing / attempting what was not in the Man in Black's interests. However, as mentioned by Jacob and his brother, it only ends once. Jack inquired about Locke's paralysis, and John told him that his condition was irreversible. No one attended his funeral. At night he had a strange dream, in which Horace Goodspeed asked Locke to find him, commenting that Jacob has been waiting for him for a really long time. In March 2017, the Oxfordshire senior coroner determined that George Michael’s cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy (a condition where the heart becomes too large and cannot pump blood effectively) combined with an inflammation of the heart. Therefore, he might have known Locke was expecting him to appear as Christian and either took that form or projected that form. Why see any of Boone or Shannon's off island lives or even sexual attraction to eachother if they're going to killed off as prop deaths to move the plot along? He is not ultimately in charge of the island. Locke spent the next four years of his life paralyzed from the waist down and looking for his purpose in life. When Jacob chucked the Man in Black down the centre of the island, the black smoke comes out, twice as big as otherwise seen. Three months premature, John survived numerous illnesses; his nurses called him a miracle. Ben revealed, confirming Locke's suspicions, that he had killed Abaddon -- Ben claiming that he was doing so to protect him. Once inside the two began to block off the door. Widmore said that there was a war coming and if Locke was not back, the "wrong side" was going to win. The "Monster" was only repelled by Kate throwing dynamite into the pit, which caused the "Monster" to flee. Kind of like the decision he had to make whether or not he would push the Swan's button, episode 2-1 I think. Ben was able to finally convince Locke to save himself when he told him Jack bought a plane ticket to Sydney -- that he was not a failure. However, when he got there, the travel agent denied him access, because of his paralysis. The Smoke Monster however could take on the form of Jacob's nameless brother and also access (i.e. When Locke awoke post-surgery, Cooper was gone. ("Cabin Fever"), Another of John's foster sisters, Jeannie, fell from monkey bars and broke her neck fatally. Kate and Jack are not forbidden to kill him. Richard rallied her deputies to their cause while John knocked her out and cuffed her in her office. I think Locke is dead. Founder's Day. Maybe The Island is magical, but it doesn't have global consequences. he had to die and it worked. In it, he saw a Beechcraft crashing, as well as his mother pointing in its direction, and a blood-stained Boone. Before he was lost to the Light, the Man In Black was bitter and psychologically lost, but he wasn't sadistic or violent. Otherwise, he was an average human. Locke gasped and opened his eyes. In 2004, at Colleen Pickett's Funeral, her body is burned by the others and sent out to sea, because the others didn't want the monster to take her form. The ancient Egyptians believed in five parts of a soul: the.

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